Neopets is a virtual pet world. It is a website on which you can own pets and buy or sell items (clothing, food, shelter) for them. Two currencies are used for the exchange of these items and pets. One is completely virtual, called the Neopoints. The other is virtual but can be bought by real money and is known as Neocash. The latter cannot be earned on the website, it can be won by chance. Different games are involved in it.

These can be arcade, action, puzzle or luck. Neopets’ stock market guide answers any other questions you have.

What is the Stock market guide?

Neopets guide is a help-page that assists you in the basics of the website. It answers your queries about the games. It can also be called as an entailed tutorial about Neopets. The site is recurrently updated and various features, gameplays, and user submissions are added to it. The users also have access to the content submitted for the Neopian Times, its newsletter. This content is filtered and submitted.


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There is no such objective of the game, hence the guide is not focused on a point. The stock market guide tells you about how to buy or sell pet items. Which items you must have and from where you can buy valuable items.

Constituents of the guide

The guide starts by defining what a stock market is. It is a platform where you can invest and earn profits by trading these investments with others. The investment made is in terms of shares or stocks. These are portions or fractions of the company you are buying.

You cannot buy a stock unless the company is willing to sell. But once, you buy it, you can sell the shares anytime you want.

The stock market of the Neopets

The Neopets stock market guide takes you to the games room of the website, which is home to the stock market. The stock market of Neopets is looked after by Nigel the chia.

You can exchange different items and earn Neopoints after entering the market. If you sell something at a price that is more than the item’s cost price, you earn Neopoints. Similarly, if you sell your stock at a lesser price you are in loss and the points are deducted.

This is how the stock market works. When the market is up, it is known as the bull market. On the contrary, if it is down or in loss, it is known as the bear market.

Neopets stocks

The guide lets you know many things about the stock market of the game. You can only exchange up to 1000 shares daily, no more or less. Also, you can view how your competitors are doing. You can find specific stocks that are in profit and buy them.

The Neopets stock market guide helps you in buying, selling, or viewing your stocks. It also teaches you what the right time to buy stocks is. Furthermore, frequently asked questions are answered in the Neopets stock market guide.


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