From Mansions To Estates, And Ranches and Farms, These Are Some Of The Most Extravagant Celebrity Houses You’re Likely To See

Jerry Seinfeld – Hamptons ($32 Million)

Jerry Seinfeld isn’t just a funny guy. He’s a funny guy who was the star of one of the strangest yet most loved sitcoms of the ’90s. The eponymously named “Seinfeld” made him and several other comedians superstars and filthy rich. Jerry himself sits on a net worth of $950 million.

His house in the Hamptons has a massive 22-car garage, enough to store at least some of his fleet of Porsche’s. He bought the 12-acre property from music legend Billy Joel, and it also boasts a three-bedroom guest house, pool, and a baseball diamond. In 2021 Seinfeld appeared in a documentary called “The Super Bob Einstein Movie.”

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